Tutorial: Introduction

You've heard about this UI library called React and want to see what it's about. Or maybe someone told you to come here. Either way, I'll try my best to show and teach you React.

This guide assumes some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Knowing what closures are and how "this" works in JavaScript will help but you'll learn React regardless.


This is an interactive guide to React. Between the text and bad jokes, you'll find embedded JSBin snippets to apply your new knowledge.

Oh look, your first exercise!

Exercise: Hello

Give React some personality by sprucing up this hello message. Perhaps some French to make it more romantic?

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To setup React on your site, visit the official Getting Started page. This tutorial will jump right into how to use React.

Excited? Scared? Let's get started!

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XML in JavaScript? We'll start by getting familiar with JSX, the syntax React uses.

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